Every G-Shock owner knows the fact that all the G-Shock watches are suitable for all types of conditions from good to very bad. These watches are better then others for outdoor use.
Let’s explore the new member of G-Shock” RANGEMAN ” A new watch introduced by the Casio. For the last 25 years G-shock digital watches are the best watches in their category. Their performance put them first in class and the price is also reasonable. Rangeman comes with the 3 sensors technology these sensors are integrated on the chip set  sensors are Barometer,Thermometer and Compass all these features are very useful in hicking and camping in hilly areas.If you like to keep the track of your hiking this watch is super good for you because it has the in-built memory to remember things that you will add to it. It displays time and date on digital screen made of anti-reflective material. It has high durability and more accuracy in bad weather. It also comes with battery level indicator which shows the three level of battery power from low to medium to high. The watch is black in color with black strap made of high quality material. There is a some red color touch in the face to enhance it look which gives a bold  and attractive face.
Rangeman is mud resistant and dust proof watch all the button on the watch are sealed to prevent the mud and from getting into the beautiful watch. It has fully automatic LED backlight with after glow feature to see the digital screen clearly even in dark. Rangeman comes with the solar rechargeable battery. Solar rechargeable batteries are the best batteries among the digital watches and the CASIO is now moving towards the solar battery technology their dream is to give solar power to the watches to  make their customers free from changing the batteries after every 5 months. They also give the power saving mode which you can ON when the power level indicator shows the low power of battery
All the above multiple features make this watch best watch to buy with the strong reputation of reliability and working in extreme conditions. At present there are only few watches in the market of the level of RANGEMAN with the affordable price tag.This watch also has sun set/rise data. This watch has gain very special place in the hiking and tracking groups. Customer reviews of Rangeman tells that the owners of this watch are highly satisfied with the functions and quality of watch. Most of the customers give it 5 star rating to show their happiness . You can buy G-SHOCK RANGEMAN  here on watches for mens under 200 .