Consulting Client

One of the companies that we have consulted has been a landscaping/snow removal company. The name of the company is Greenbird Contracting. One of their primary services is snow removal Brampton. Our company consulted them on how to improve their business. One of our main areas of advising was how they can improve their digital marketing in order to target potential leads. One of the techniques that we recommended that they employ was Facebook marketing. In these ads, they tried using catchy images and quotes as well as local sponsors in order to catch the audience’s eyes. This proved to be effective as they were able to retain 150 customers from this marketing campaign. Another one of their services is landscaping Brampton that they needed advising on. We offered them tips on how to attract customers in that niche. Specifically we taught our client that the best way to attract these customers is not through online marketing, but rather mailing these potential clients. We creating a mailing campaign with a mailing company and shipped out 10,000 flyers, which brought approximately 400 leads to the company. After this campaign, our company concluded that the best way to attract customers for the price is online marketing as it is severely underpriced.