Our consulting team specializes in advising our clients on the best possible solutions for all their needs. Consulting is a very important trade for the optimal growth of businesses as well as for meeting the needs of the everyday consumer. One of the most important traits of a good consulting team is listening to the customer, offering custom advice, being enthusiastic about the client’s issues, and genuinely caring. Recently it has been reported that due to the boom in e-commerce and online marketing, there has been a growing number of consulting businesses being built in the past decade. These businesses are centered on solving growing e-commerce demands and problems. An example would be the sudden growth in Shopify that has led many businesses to hire email-marketing experts. Another example is the explosive growth that Amazon has experienced which has led to growing numbers of consulting companies for businesses selling products on Amazon. This is why we encourage people that want to build an online business to consider consulting a career if they are able to obtain the skillset revolving around teaching certain kinds of online marketing. All in all, the purpose of our company is to consult future entrepreneurs on how to build their own consulting company.